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Where can I buy Greenlite products?

Greenlite distributes its products through a network of distributors and utilities across North America, as well as online in the USA. To shop online, please visit the “Our Shop” section of American website www.greenliteusa.com. 

Why buy Greenlite products?

Greenlite offers a full lineup of energy efficient lighting products that have been carefully designed for brilliance, efficiency and longevity. Third party laboratories extensively test all of our products to ensure years of maintenance free illumination. Not to mention that Greenlite is the only provider of innovative, energy efficient lighting who builds a community around environmental sustainability.

Who should I contact with order and pricing questions?

If you have questions about an existing order, placing an order, or pricing, please contact us via email at info@greenlite.ca (Canada), info@greenliteusa.com (US) or by phone at 1-877-255-0004.

How do I contact Greenlite?

You can contact us by phone at 1-877-255-0004, by email at info@greenliteusa.com, and by fax at 1-877-695-9093. Our offices are open from 9AM – 5PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

Is there a warranty on Greenlite products?

Yes. All Greenlite products undergo vigorous quality testing and we are very proud of the fact that our products have a defect rate below 1%. Please refer to product packaging for warranty information as warranties differ per product. We are happy to work with consumers to resolve issues relating to product performance. Please note: a manufacturer's statement of Average Rated Life Hours does not imply a Warranty.

Please refer to product packaging for warranty information as warranties differ per product. In general, please see the following:

CFL Commercial Bulbs: 1 Year
CFL Residential Bulbs: 2 Years
LED Bulbs and Fixtures: 3 Years
LED Bulbs and Fixtures with CEC Spec: 5 Years

Do you have a paper catalog?

Yes. You can download our catalog in PDF form from the “Our Lights” section of our website.