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Income Qualified

Energy Efficiency Programs targeted to LMI markets provide critical assistance to households struggling to keep up with the cost of electricity bills, which often accounts for a higher percentage of household income than the mean. As such, Greenlite is dedicated to the equitable availability of energy-saving advanced technology and providing quality product to all socio-demographic sectors.

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Our experienced team designs hard-hitting Income Qualified Programs through a variety of Utility Program Channels including retail, food banks, energy saving kits, and more. Despite the retail landscape surrounding COVID-19, Greenlite partners with 6,500 LMI unique retail locations through their partnerships with Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Salvation Army, Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, Ollie’s Bargain Outlets, + Independent Retailers. Greenlite offers Low-Income Programs to 95+ utility partners!

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Program Overview

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Customized Programs

Greenlite’s sales team can create hard-hitting targeted LMI Retail or Food Bank Programs and recruit atypical retailers and organizations in a zip-code specific underserved market.

LMI Program Expertise

Our dedication to the equitable availability of energy-saving products has been our mission since inception in 1994 and has resulted in the distribution of hundreds of millions of ENERGY STAR Products to LMI customers.

Energy Efficiency Education

Experience with Greenlite’s products acts as the strongest tool of education, transforming those who were not previously engaged with energy efficiency, into energy efficiency advocates.

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