Food Banks and Food Pantries
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Food Banks and Food Pantries

Our passionate team is industry’s leading choice when it comes to partnerships for Energy Efficiency Programs for Food Banks, Food Pantries, and Food Shelves – We could not be more proud! With 18+ Utility Clients participating in Greenlite Food Bank Programs, Greenlite distributes 15M Energy Saving products to Food Banks annually. Learn more about our Award-Winning Program.

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Program Overview

Our team’s in-depth understanding of Food Bank Programs and each stakeholders’ goals allows us to deliver the most successful programs in the country. As part of its commitment to supporting low-income communities through the COVID-19 pandemic, Greenlite measurably expanded the reach of their Food Bank Programs with to strengthen efforts to support those further inflicted with unemployment, health, and financial vulnerabilities.

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Program Overview

Program Benefits

Energy Efficiency Education

Experience with Greenlite’s products acts as the strongest tool of education, transforming those who were not previously engaged with energy efficiency, into energy efficiency advocates.

Custom Marketing and Packaging

Greenlite’s Award-Winning Art Department creates Utility Branded Product Packaging and Marketing Collateral, such as Educational Info, Cross-Marketing Programs, etc.

Award-Winning Team

We are proud to be the MEEA 2021 IMPACT Inspiring Efficiency Award Winner. Our hands-on outreach team focuses on engaging with the community throughout the customers’ experience for award-winning results.

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To learn  more about how Greenlite’s Food Bank Programs have taken the industry by storm with our  hands-on approach to working with Food Banks and providing custom distribution schedules, please submit this form and we will be happy to reach out.

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