Led Candelabra Bulb collection

Greenlite launched an extensive variety of LED Candelabra Bulbs in the new filament style! This is the latest technological advancement in LED Candelabra Bulbs that offers an energy-efficient replacement to traditional incandescent bulbs without sacrificing aesthetically – Greenlite’s bulbs are totally void of the unattractive white bases typically found on LED Candelabra Bulbs providing the most beautiful and environmentally-friendly lighting alternative.

We are happy to launch LED Candelabra Bulbs in both 40W and 60W Replacements, as well as in a Chandelier Base (E12) and Medium Base (E26) to retrofit every chandelier and sconce in your home or hospitality location! Greenlite LED Candelabra Bulbs are also fully dimmable on a traditional household dimmer and last up to 15,000 hours.