High Cri Bulbs California Energy Commission (CEC) approved

Greenlite products are durable and of high grade, which adheres to various industrial testing such as Energy Star. Our 10W BR30, 12W OMNI and 11W OMNI are California Energy Commission (CEC) Certified, whose certification process and requirement is more demanding and strict than that of Energy Star®.

Our product has the following features:

1. Color Temperature and consistency: CEC sets color binding at 4 step than Energy Star, who sets a 7 step. Lower number indicates lesser color variation and more uniformity.

2.  Color Rendering: Both bulbs are CRI >92. High CRI indicates better representation of colors.

3. Rated life and warranty: CEC requires five-year replacement free warranty versus Energy Star’s 3 year warranty.

4. Light Distribution: CEC required bulbs to be Omnidirectional. It does not recognize any semi-directional and non-standard light output.  

To learn more about CEC Lamp Certification: http://www.energy.ca.gov/2012publications/CEC-400-2012-016/CEC-400-2012-016-SF.pdf