GREENLITE Lighting, partner of choice for Microsoft’s earth day event

Microsoft employees will have the opportunity to move to the latest technology in the lighting industry in celebration for Earth Day! GreenliteTM Lighting, a manufacturer of premium cutting-edge energy- efficient LED Energy Star® rated bulbs, will feature two of their most popular models at the event – the 9W LED Floodlight and the 11W LED Omni-Directional bulb. Both choices are perfect replacements for the outdated 60W standard household bulbs and 65W floodlights. GreenliteTM LED bulbs are fully dimmable, instant-on, and shatterproof with a life span of 25,000+ hours. To top it all, they are Energy Star® certified! GreenliteTM is doing its part for the Energy Star® challenge to sell 20 million bulbs by Earth Day. This one day event for employees only will take place on Microsoft’s campus and will feature several eco friendly technologies to promote Earth Day awareness as a corporate event.