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Our Story

Our Story

The time is now for individuals to accept the urgency of climate change and shift their mindsets away from consumption and toward conservation. Greenlite promotes the immediate adoption of a more durable future by providing consumers with high-quality low-cost energy efficient lighting alternatives to collectively reduce our carbon footprint thereby creating a greener, cleaner home for our families and friends. Greenlite is the only provider of innovative, energy-efficient lighting who builds a community around environmental sustainability.

We were environmentally conscious before it became hip.

Greenlite’s mission began twenty years ago with our commitment to supply energy efficient lighting alternatives to the mainstream. We have successfully made Greenlite synonymous with premium CFLs in a variety of wattages, shapes, sizes and colors to replace every incandescent or halogen bulb. Our dedication to product development continues today with increased CFL assortments and cutting-edge LED technological advancements. We are a leader amongst the few companies worldwide to promote only energy-efficient products. No ifs, ands, or buts, we walk the walk and talk the talk!


  • We are focused on driving profitable growth by setting the benchmark for energy efficient lighting innovation, design, quality, value and exceptional service.
  • Our quality innovations and service orientation have placed us amongst today’s largest North American energy-efficient lighting companies serving both commercial and residential end-users.
  • Our goal is to stir a community of like-minded people who share our passion and enthusiasm for environmental sustainability to have dialogue with the company and to create an emotional connection with products and brands that they believe in.
  • We understand the importance of creative thinking and are therefore devoted to R&D to successfully developing energy efficient products for every socket.
  • We have been an Energy Star partner since inception and are CTPAT and RoHs compliant.