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Greenlite your farm

Greenlite understands that lighting plays an integral role in poultry and swine production and performance. Appropriate lighting is required to maintain the health and growth of your flock and swine as different stages of life have different lighting needs. A well designed, energy efficient lighting system can mean higher lighting levels, better performance and lower energy costs. Greenlite pioneered agricultural applications for energy-efficient lighting almost twenty years ago and we are specialists in keeping your business healthy and growing!

Advantages of Greenlite Agricultural Products:

  • Weather resistant and approved for damp locations
  • Fully dimmable and non-flickering
  • Energy efficient to cut energy costs by up to 70%
  • Long-life and straight swap 
  • Designed specifically to integrate into all major waterproof armatures
  • Specific LEDs last more than 30, 000 hours
  • Lower mortality rates for your flock and lower waste feed in floor fed birds by up to 15%
  • No shadows, calmer flocks, lower aggression and reduced pecking
  • Dawn till dusk dimming
  • Shorter broiler production period


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