LED 5W Desk Lamp

Desk Lamps

Greenlite’s revolutionary Energy Star LED Desk Lamp combines state-of-the-art energy efficient technology with zen modern style and extreme functionality. This super sleek Greenlite LED desk lamp uses only 5W of energy to provide 40W of bright white 3000K light. Read, enhance ambient light or spotlight a focused area with this Greenlite LED desk lamp. Perfect for offices, study rooms, and hotels looking to cut on energy bills without sacrificing style!

  • Lumens: 275
  • Replaces: 30 W
  • M.O.L.: 13"
  • Volt: 120 V
  • Base: Plug in
  • Kelvin: 3000 K

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View Official Rules: www.cadmusweb.com/masssave/keepthelightonsalerules.pdf

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