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H1 55W Headlight

H Series

Greenlite’s automotive halogens meet and exceed industry standards. As a core Greenlite product since our inception, all automotive products are DOT certified and produced in OEM manufacturing facilities in Korea.  Our facilities are partnered with major brand car manufacturers and therefore provide comfort, safety and reliability to drivers with proven advanced halogen technology. Greenlite’s H Series is applicable as car headlights, fog lights, and spotlights. H1 is a sleek compact and UV-safe lamp, earlier preferred by European OEMs, but rapidly gaining popularity with American OEMs as well. H1 automotive halogens have a compressed single filament and provide durable, bright, and sharp light. Please consult your driver’s manual to ensure that you have the correct Greenlite replacement bulb for your vehicle. We recommend that you change your headlights in pairs once a year before they burn out for the brightest light

  • Lumens: 1550
  • M.O.L.: 2.17"
  • Volt: 12 V
  • Base: P14.5s

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View Official Rules: www.cadmusweb.com/masssave/keepthelightonsalerules.pdf