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13W GU24 Spiral


Greenlite GU24 CFLs are industry leading ENERGY STAR® certified bare spirals with innovative easy-to-use pin-based sockets to accommodate most GU24 fixtures. Greenlite GU24 CFL solutions boast amongst the shortest warm-up time, the longest average rated life, and the highest energy cost savings, on the market - not to mention that they are perfect for use in totally enclosed fixtures. Available in Cool White and Soft White Kelvin temperatures, this 13W Greenlite CFL replaces a 60W incandescent light bulb and saves up to 70% in energy costs.

  • Lumens: 900
  • Hours: 10000
  • Replaces: 60W W
  • M.O.L.: 3.62"
  • Volt: 120 V
  • Base: GU24
  • Kelvin: 2700 K

$3.99 USD

View Official Rules: www.cadmusweb.com/masssave/keepthelightonsalerules.pdf

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