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18W 2-Pin Quad Tube


For up to 75 percent in energy savings, Greenlite’s Pin Base CFL range is ideal for pin-base CFL recessed cans, ceiling fixtures, and enclosed indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures in homes, offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and hospitality and agricultural applications. Greenlite’s CFL Linear Tube range possesses all the benefits of our industry-leading CFL collection, including amongst the shortest warm up time, longest average rated life, and the highest energy cost savings, on the market. With a long 10,000-hour life, the CFL Pin Base range is offered in 2-pin single tube, 2-pin double tube, 4-pin double tube and 4-pin triple tube configurations - not to mention that all Greenlite Linear Tubes are also RoHs and TCLP compliant. Offered in Soft White color temperature, this 18W 2-Pin Quad Tube is an energy-efficient replacement for traditional 75W incandescent using 75% less energy!  

  • Lumens: 1200
  • Hours: 10 000
  • Replaces: 75W W
  • M.O.L.: 5.10"
  • Volt: 120 V
  • Base: G24d3
  • Kelvin: 2700 K

View Official Rules: www.cadmusweb.com/masssave/keepthelightonsalerules.pdf

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